Welcome to my Blog

I’ve worked on this blog, of-and-on, for many years. Mostly it’s sat idle. Maybe it will sit idle for a while longer but for now I’m going to write about daily observations.

In any work circumstance we have the opportunity to participate in healthy ways regardless of how good or bad they are. People will make all manner of mistakes, defend their ‘territory’, take offense or in general respond in unhealthy ways – but you don’t have to respond in kind. Regardless of what you see going on around you realize that you can breath life into any circumstance just by how you respond to anything. Being angry or hurt… you have to get past that as fast as you can or, before you know it, you will poison your mind and poison everyone around you.

Allow people to make mistakes, you’ll make yours. Allow people to be defensive, you will be one day. Allow people to be angry, you’ll get fired up yourself one day. The key is to rise above the moment.

How does one do that? In my experience I’ve learned that I don’t have to be right (even when I am). As I give people room to be right as well (sometimes we’re both right) I invest in them and in turn build trust. There are things, on principle, that we need to be solid on. Always doing the right thing for the right reasons. But at some point there are forces beyond your control and the more you try to control them the more frustrated you (and everyone around you) will get.

I’m not talking about being a doormat – I’m just talking about choosing your battles. I often hear that phrase so I didn’t lead with it – I just talked about one (there’s others) approach to doing just that.